25,000 Pallet Cold Storage for Food Processing unit

  • Centralized Refrigeration System with

  • Screw Compressors

  • Store height – 15 meters

  • Project completed within 45 days

Our Expertise

AVPL Coldchain, with its in-house expertise in design and production, offers complete solutions for your projects.
We offer packages that give you the advantage of quick installation and low life cycle cost.

Technology & Innovation

AVPL Coldchain has expertise in design and installation of the latest technology and innovative solutions for –

  • Gas defrost with electronic control system

  • Efficient Two stage refrigeration for Frozen store, Blast freezer and Ice Cream hardening

  • Process & Packing hall conditioning for Anti sweat

  • Value added processing plant Cooling & Freezing for Poultry, Ready to Serve Food, Vegetable and fruits

  • Packhouse cooling, air filtration and ventilation

  • Pre coolers for Fruits and vegetable

  • Heat treatment tanks for Fruit pest control for export

  • Cold rooms Milk, Cheese, Butter

  • Incubation & Blast chillers for Curd

  • Process Water chiller for Food processing 
  • Ice bank tank

  • Tank cooling for Juice, Wine

  • Snow park Refrigeration with Snow Gun, Jacket and costume drying rooms

  • Ventilation system for cooking, dairy process plant

Customized Refrigeration package as per your requirements.

Quality Control

Heat Exchangers / Vessels & Coils:

  • Leak detection at 30 bars pressure

  • Fan motor run test

  • Heater run test

  • Sample test of fittings

  • Dimension check

  • Visual inspection

  • Final shipping inspection

Compressor Units & Racks:

  • Leak test

  • Electrical tests

  • Controller Programming

  • Factory Acceptance Test

  • Visual, Dimension inspection

  • Component technical qualification process

  • Nitrogen load for shipment

  • Documentation and trace-ability

Field Quality:

  • Pipe and Equipment Support check

  • Slope check

  • Leak and Vacuum test

  • Electrical control Function tests

  • Controller Programming