Compressor Rack

GR series Compressor Racks are designed with Modular sheet metal frame design to optimize space and material use. Racks are offered with Scroll, Semi-hermetic and Screw compressors to cater to various need of every project. These units are designed to work with the latest refrigerants R404a, R134a, R407C as per customer need.

Racks are supplied with quality components and integrated electrical panel with controller.

  • GR-M Series for Medium temperatures of 18 to 2°C with capacity range of 40kW to 540kW

  • GR-L Series for Low temperatures of -14 to -25°C with capacity range of 30kW to 240kW

  • GR-T Series for Very Low temperatures of -25 to -40°C Storage and Blast freezers 60 to 180kW

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